Truck Accessories

How Truck Accessories Can Transform Your Ride

Truck accessories can help your customers make their rides stand out from the crowd, protect their investments, and improve driving performance. From custom grilles to LED light bars, plenty of accessories can transform a vehicle.Truck Accessories

Running boards, also known as side steps, help people safely climb in and out of trucks. Nerf bars are another popular option that adds style and function to trucks.

There are so many ways to make your truck cool, but one way to catch everyone’s eye is installing a set of running boards. These truck accessories provide a step to help you and your passengers get in and out of the vehicle, plus they can offer protection from rocks and dirt kicked up by the wheels as you drive.

You can choose from a wide variety of styles and brands, but they all offer the same functionality. They’re usually four inches or wider and can be made from steel, aluminum, composite plastic, or fiberglass. They’re often powder-coated to prevent rusting, but stainless steel is the best option for longevity.

When shopping for running boards, you want to find a model that matches the style of your truck and provides a durable surface for getting in and out. You can also find powered running boards that retract automatically when your doors open, so they don’t interfere with ground clearance.

Once you’ve selected a running board, you’ll need to install it on your truck. You can use a kit that includes everything you need, or you can do it yourself. If you’re using a kit, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. If you’re working on your own, you should start by removing the vehicle’s door panel and locating the mounting points for the running board. Loosen and remove the nuts or bolts in these locations, if necessary. Spray a penetrating oil or catalyst into any rusted or corroded bolts to loosen them and avoid stripping the threads.

Some running boards mount to the rocker panels of your truck, while others attach directly to the frame of your vehicle. Once the boards are mounted, you can tighten the bolts to ensure they’re secure. Some manufacturers may recommend leaving the bolts finger-tight at first to allow for adjustment later.

A cab-length running board spans the length of your passenger cabin and stops where the cab doors end. Wheel-to-wheel running boards are longer and extend from the back of your cab towards the rear wheels, making them ideal for those who need to access their truck bed or reach items on roof racks.

Vent Shades

A vent shade, also known as a window deflector or rain guard, lets you drive with the windows open slightly while blocking wind, rain, sleet and snow. They help keep your cabin cool and comfortable while driving, reducing distracting whistling wind noise and keeping you more alert on the road. They even aid in climate control and mitigate fogging in the cab. Vent shades are available in a variety of styles and finishes, from chrome to smoke, to match or enhance your truck’s appearance.

Action Trucks carries a variety of vent shade brands, including AVS, Auto Vent Shade, Lund and Putco, and they’re precision-engineered to fit your specific truck. Some models mount to the top of your window, while others insert into the actual channel that the windows roll up into. There’s no tool required for most models, and installation is quick and easy.

Some models come in camouflage patterns to suit your hunting and outdoors activities, like the Stampede Camo Window Visors. These deflectors are made from hard ABS plastic that resists chipping and cracking for a long lifespan. They’re also designed to withstand varied weather conditions, making them an excellent choice for the avid hunter. The Auto Vent Shade 92207 Chrysler Sebring Coupe & Dodge Stratus Coupe 2-Piece Vent Visor is another model that’s built for your vehicle type, with 3M tape for simple installation and a limited lifetime warranty.

LED Light Bars

Whether you’re a weekend warrior exploring the limits of your truck or need the extra light for work, LED light bars are an easy way to improve visibility. This lighting accessory is available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and color options to suit your needs. You’ll even find kits that come with all the parts you need to install them on your truck. Whether you’re looking to mount them on the roof of your cab, in your grille or on a headache rack fixed to the back of your truck bed, these lights are designed for maximum durability.

Aside from being an ideal truck accessory for off-road driving, these lights can be used as emergency warning signals for motorists. They’re frequently seen on police cars and other emergency vehicles, which means they can be a great way to attract attention from other drivers in dangerous situations. LED light bars can also be mounted on your truck’s tailgate or in the back of your bed, making them a great choice for work trucks that need to haul heavy equipment.

LED lights are brighter than traditional vehicle lights, so they provide a more focused beam of light that’s easier to see in dark or muddy conditions. This is especially useful when navigating tight trails and muddy roads where visibility is limited. They can also help you spot obstacles in the road more quickly, which can be a lifesaver in the event of an accident.

In addition to the brighter lights, many LED light bars feature a rugged and durable construction that’s resistant to water, dirt, and other elements that might damage your vehicle. They also use an advanced technology that makes them more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, so you won’t have to worry about changing the bulbs frequently.

If you’re looking for an LED light bar to outfit your truck, check out the selection at RealTruck. This online retailer carries top-rated brands like Rigid Industries and Baja Designs, which are known for their innovative, performance-driven products. The Rigid Industries 20-Inch SR-L Series is one example of their quality products. It features a curved design that throws light further and wider, which is perfect for off-road driving. It also offers a variety of beam patterns, so you can choose the one that’s right for your truck or SUV.

Coatings & Liners

Trucks are workhorses, and they often take a beating while hauling gear, towing equipment or driving on rugged terrain. To protect your investment, consider installing a liner or coating. These truck accessories in Augusta, GA help prevent scratches and dents on any surface of your vehicle. They also provide better sound-deadening properties and can be custom colored or textured to match the look of your vehicle.

Spray-in bed liners are one of the most popular and durable truck accessories you can purchase. These liners are applied by an authorized technician and contour to the exact shape of your truck bed, allowing you to easily haul and transport equipment without worrying about damaging the paint or interior finishing. The polyurethane coatings that are used in these liners are strong enough to withstand the demands of any job, and they’ll protect your truck from dents, chips and scratches while providing you with unmatched protection.

The market for truck bed accessories is expected to experience considerable growth over the course of the forecast period. This is due to a number of factors, including the increased demand for lightweight and long-lasting covers. In addition, a growing need for truck bed accessories that can improve vehicle performance is also expected to fuel market growth.

In addition to bed liners, you can also purchase mud flaps, bug deflectors and chrome trim for your truck to make it more personal. These accessories add a touch of style to your truck and can help it stand out from the rest. They can also be customized with color or logos to personalize your ride.

No matter what kind of work you do, a good pickup truck is essential for getting the job done. You can improve your truck’s functionality with a variety of truck accessories, from tool boxes to trailer hitches and more. And you can keep it looking great with custom grilles, side steps and running boards. These accessories are available from a wide range of manufacturers, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your needs. Visit a dealer today to learn more about the latest truck accessories and how they can enhance your pickup.